Blackbaud Common Ground Town Hall meeting update

These are notes from today’s Town Hall meeting, by one of our staff at Diabetes Hands Foundation, as a follow up to last week’s post, “Disappointed at Blackbaud“.

Q: Will you be compensating people that just spent thousands of dollars setting up Common Gronund in the last 4 months?
NO, they will provide migration assistance at no additional cost to eTapestry, but did not explain how.

Q: How will migration assistance be at no cost, if we are working with partners….will Blackbaud help us themselves for free? How will it work?
Migration assitance will be outlined with each customer by October 31.

Q: I got an email from PayPal saying that they know that Common Ground needs to implement malware protect for our donation pages (we just got set up and have received [a number of] fraudulent donations in 3 weeks [that we are having to spend time and staff resources reimbursing]). The email said Common Ground knows they need to do this, but will not, so how are you going to support us until March 2014, if you aren’t supporting us now?

We will continue to work to protect against fraudulent transactions. If you haven’t already, please open a support ticket. If you have opened a ticket, please update it and request they escalate to me.
(we have an open ticket)

Q: We never even received an email from Blackbaud that they were retiring Common Ground (the implementation partner was the one who informed us). How can we be sure that we will be contacted about migration options by October 31?
No answer…

Solutions: All they say is switch to eTapestry or Raiser’s Edge. Blackbaud will only allow us to cancel Common Ground contract early if we switch to another blackbaud product, not another solution. There is no way they will reconsider not getting rid of Common Ground…

2 thoughts on “Blackbaud Common Ground Town Hall meeting update

  1. Wow! Understandable why you are upset. Sorry to hear this Manny. Do you want me to see if we can help? I don’t work on the tech side but I can have someone contact you to share their expertise on what is the most cost effective migration option for you. There are a lot of great options out there (but sadly, not without costs).

  2. We’re looking at options with our implementation partner. We are also looking at the contract closely.

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