I am SO upset with Southwest Airlines!!

The email I just sent them complaining… Hope they REALLY are not becoming another American or United Airlines!

I just had the most disappointing experience with booking anything on SW ever. Yesterday, I called 1-800-435-9792 to cancel my hotel stay in San Diego over the weekend (confirmation number #777388792). I was told I had to call Southwest Vacations to cancel it. When I called yesterday they were closed already. This morning I spoke with them and they told me I had to talk to the hotels department, they also told me that often at Southwest they give the wrong phone to call in these matters.

Today I call 1-800-545-4489 to cancel it. It takes 30 minutes for the agent to find my reservation (she alluded that it was because it was under Manuel Hernandez Paredes, and I told her only Manuel Hernandez -only my 1st last name, however I also gave her my reservation number and that seemed to not help).

She told me I’d be charged a one night penalty, because it was the policy of the hotel. I complained about this being unfair when I have been attempting to contact Southwest to take care of this since 48 hours before checking into the hotel and have been given wrong numbers and the run-around, and now I am being made to pay for something I should not be responsible for.

I asked for her supervisor (Wendy) and she was respectful but not helpful at all. I explained to her that the hotel reservation confirmation email I received had no numbers to call to cancel the reservation so I could have not known the right number to call in the first place (it’s not outrageous that I called the main 1-800 Southwest number) and to that she replied that all the contact phone numbers are clearly listed on the web site.

That made me very upset! Because this is not even clear to Southwest employees that route people’s calls ROUTINELY to the wrong places (as told to me by the Southwest Vacations person). How is it supposed to be clear to me, as a customer?

I told her to escalate the issue. Southwest should pick up this penalty not me, if it is the hotel policy to cancel the reservation at this stage. If I get charged the final penalty and this does not get picked up by Southwest, I will use up the rest of my miles and make sure neither I nor anyone in my team of 6 does any business travel (and I won’t do any personal travel either) using Southwest from this point on.

I will too be sad to see that Southwest is becoming another United or American Airlines, airlines that I dread to fly with!