“Congress is where we can find our common ground…”


Today I visited the Capitol for the first time in my life. I was in Washington, DC ahead of a diabetes conference and I finally was able to bring my family, to incredible museums packed with world-class exhibits… which will not open their doors tomorrow, due to the imminent (as of this writing) Government Shutdown.

It is not without irony that this visit came on the heels of my wife and I finally (after years of waiting -and a few months of being unable to have enough time to prepare for it) submitting our application to become US Citizens.

It is also not without irony that before the visit, we saw a short documentary titled “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, one”). The film showed how its diversity (of origins, points of view, etc.) make the US what it is, and I couldn’t get over the closing words:

“Congress is where we can find our common ground…”

It would be amazing if the current Congress REALLY found common ground and stopped playing games! From what I have read on the Constitution (as we gear up for becoming citizens), finding common ground and passing a budget would not be anything extraordinary at all: they would simply be doing their jobs