Why I joined @Livongo Health


Last Thursday was my last day at Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Friday May 1, was my first day with Livongo Health, a Digital Health start-up led by Glen Tullman, aimed at reinventing the way we manage chronic conditions (starting with diabetes) through technology, real-time information and human support to make life easier for people with chronic conditions. There, I am honored to serve as Senior Vice President, Member Experience.

Since I joined Livongo, I’ve been drinking from the proverbial firehose! And I’ve been loving it. Livongo has a lot of the qualities that I was hoping for in this next chapter in my life: being able to stay in diabetes where so much needs to be done; having peers from whom I can learn so much and with whom I can partner to do great things for the community; and doing all of this in a very nimble start-up environment.

The seven years I spent at the helm of Diabetes Hands Foundation gave me a humbling sense of how challenging diabetes can be, and how CRITICAL it is that the person living with it (and their loved ones) remain at the center of it, if we are to have any chance to tackling this epidemic.

Also, diabetes is a truly multi-dimensional problem and Livongo is aware of this. To help tackle it, Glen has put together an incredibly talented group of people! Just as important as hiring great people it is to recognize areas where you need to partner with others to bring the best member experience (and, consequently, the best possible outcomes). I am excited to see Livongo do this as well in areas where it makes more sense to partner than to go at it alone.

I can see the impact that the Livongo platform has in myself. I am testing more often than before (unlimited test strips is a pretty compelling value); and my time in range has improved too (not surprising, considering my exchanges with the Livongo CDEs have been the most time I recall having spent with a diabetes educator discussing MY diabetes in a very long time). And it’s all included within the Livongo program!

I want everyone with diabetes to enjoy these same benefits, and all the things that the platform will continue to evolve to offer.

Image credit: Mike Lawson @ Diabetes Hands Foundation

2 ways to download select emails out of your Gmail

This week, I found myself needing a tool to help me move several hundred personal emails I had in a “personal” folder within my previous email at DHF.

I had been able to clean things up quite a bit, getting rid of personal emails I didn’t care about any more, but there were enough messages I needed to move, for which the solution of “emailing them” to my personal account would have turned out time-consuming and arduous to get them re-organized in my personal email later.

I took to Google and FINALLY found two options that I liked:

  1. A little over a year ago, Google started allowing you to download Gmail messages and a lot more. The beauty of this solution (the one I pursued) is that you don’t have to export EVERYTHING in your Gmail account. You can export just the labels (folders, in Google-speak) that you want, which was ideal for my needs. The personal emails I needed to export, took up a convenient 200+ MB zip file, and in a matter of minutes I was able to get a ZIP file with them.
  2. The other solution (which I was about to go with, and may be suited for some of you anyway) was to use the Thunderbird email client in a special way.

So there you have it: two neat ways to get yourself out this Gmail bind, if you find yourself in it too.