Now the party can get started (or how an accent can ALMOST get you in trouble)!


The place: downtown San Francisco, Federal Building
The occasion: taking my US Citizenship test
The story…

After I go through security (much like in the airport) and register in the lobby to take my test, I head to the elevator. Next to me is a law enforcement officer holding a tray with cookies.

Being how I am (I seem to need to talk to everyone), I make the comment:

“Now the party can get started!”

with a smile on my face. I was thinking of her colleagues having fun with the cookies upon her arrival.

She looked at me, upset, puzzled… like she’s not understanding. Then says:

“I don’t work in deportations.”

It took me a few moments, and then I realized what had happened. She had understood that I said:

“Now the deporting can get started!”

(of course I would have not said that, or if I had, I would have not smiled while saying it).

I got to my floor and as I got off the elevator I tried (moot point) to explain what I meant. Anyway…

The lesson learned: when in a Federal building don’t joke about cookies with a Law Enforcement Officer (when you have an accent)! šŸ˜‰