Roger Ebert Ain't Pretty Boy No More

When you consider how much our society values the looks, what Roger Ebert is doing by, essentially, not giving a damn about what others (freaking paparazzi included) think or say about him while he’s not pretty boy any more, you realize we have so much to learn about him.

The man talks openly about this current condition (with cancer of the salivary gland) and why, in spite of some people’s advice to the contrary, he will be attending the Ninth Annual Overlooked Film Festival. He wraps up his column writing:

I have some back pain, and to make it easier for me to sit through screenings, the festival has installed my very own La-Z-Boy chair. Photos of me in the chair should be captioned “La-Z-Critic.”

Rock on, Roger!!

(by way of the Signal vs. Noise blog, over in 37Signals)

What if I'd Never Gotten Cancer?

NPR’s Leroy Sievers writes on his blog “My Cancer” about his fight with this terrible disease.

Not too long ago, my friend Rafa shared this touching post Leroy made, wondering “what if I’d never gotten cancer?” where he spends some time pondering the question… and realizing all the things (some important, most not as much) that we spond time thinking of while we take our life and our health for granted.

Today, I learned that an uncle of mine (mi tio Pepe) has Lung Cancer. He is the youngest brother of my dad. Next Monday he will undergo surgery. We are all very hopeful that he will be fine and do well. He’s a great guy!

In the meantime, we all should make a point of not taking things for granted and realize how precious each moment we live is and how important having our loved ones around us is.

Cancer Claims Another Victim

I just learned the news about another close cancer victim. It was the dad of a very good friend of mine. He had lung cancer and this morning, he passed away. I am very sad for her: I know very well what she must be going through.

Our thoughts are very much with you, amiga… Cry all that you need to: it helps with the grief.

P.S. I am not including her name in here because I don’t know if she will want to share this with others, but I know she comes to this blog often, so she’ll read this.