2 ways to download select emails out of your Gmail

This week, I found myself needing a tool to help me move several hundred personal emails I had in a “personal” folder within my previous email at DHF.

I had been able to clean things up quite a bit, getting rid of personal emails I didn’t care about any more, but there were enough messages I needed to move, for which the solution of “emailing them” to my personal account would have turned out time-consuming and arduous to get them re-organized in my personal email later.

I took to Google and FINALLY found two options that I liked:

  1. A little over a year ago, Google started allowing you to download Gmail messages and a lot more. The beauty of this solution (the one I pursued) is that you don’t have to export EVERYTHING in your Gmail account. You can export just the labels (folders, in Google-speak) that you want, which was ideal for my needs. The personal emails I needed to export, took up a convenient 200+ MB zip file, and in a matter of minutes I was able to get a ZIP file with them.
  2. The other solution (which I was about to go with, and may be suited for some of you anyway) was to use the Thunderbird email client in a special way.

So there you have it: two neat ways to get yourself out this Gmail bind, if you find yourself in it too.