Who Needs An Accountant?

Well, that’s not a fair question, I admit. My accountant has done a great job for us and our Search Engine Marketing and Translation Services company. I guess the question should be “Who needs a bookkeeper?” Gradually less people, specially if you run a small business.

In the past, Gustavito had talked to me about Blinksale and as much as I liked their design and the idea of a online-based invoicing, it always felt like it fell short: after all, there’s a bit more than invoicing to running your company’s finances!

Today, I learned about a couple of web 2.0 services that ringed a bell for me. The first one was CashBoard (which I learned about through their review on SolutionWatch). CashBoard helps “service-oriented businesses manage estimates, invoices, timesheets and payments.” In Basecamp-style fashion, the folks that developed it did it for themselves (or so they say) and realized they may have a commercially feasible product in their hands.

The other product I found out about has been around the block since 2004. It’s FreshBooks, developed by a team based out of Toronto. They have a much bigger user base (over 140,000 users already) some of whom rallied in their favor in the SolutionWatch review for CashBoard (which is ironically where I learned about them too). šŸ™‚

I am a bit torn between the two services, but I would definitely like to start doing this kind of stuff outside of Microsoft Money, using the best-in-class web-based tools I can get my hands on. Freshbooks seems more established, but then again they are a bit more expensive too. CashBoard is newer (and less expensive too), but I admit I don’t quite love their color scheme (can that be a real downer?)

Do any of you have experience with either one of them, or with another tool that you may want to share in here?