When you can afford to no longer support IE…

I just noticed this notice on our Basecamp:

They are phasing out their support of Internet Explorer 6. I am glad this is starting to happen, since having to support older browsers holds back new web development.

Obviously they can afford to be a leader in this kind of thing because:
1) 37Signals, the developers of Basecamp, are known for going about product development their own way… and they are very seldom wrong.
2) Most of their user base will probably not really care about this move, since it’s likely made up of software folks who are no longer using IE 6 any more.

BTW, any other folks who downloaded and installed Firefox 3 recently reading this? How do you like it?

Firefox 3 Now IS Delicious!

I just found it! The updated del.icio.us extension for Firefox 3! How much I had been missing my del.icio.us! Granted that FF 3 now comes with a means of tagging your bookmarks… but com’on!

Update (five minutes into using the new extension): it rocks! You can add a bar to your browser that lets you access your del.icio.us bookmarks like bookmarks, like folders under which they are grouped based on their tags or by favorite tags. Too useful!