Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley

Cafe Trieste
Topping the list is the Cafe Trieste on San Pablo. The baristas there get it perfect every single time. I have tried the drinks at another Cafe Trieste (at the Civic Center, in San Francisco), but it’s not the same… The photo above is from the best place for cappuccino in Berkeley.

Guerrilla Cafe
This is my new favorite place for coffee and hanging out for a while. The music and the ambiance is great. But the coffee is AMAZING! Highly recommendable if you are looking for a great cappuccino in the gourmet ghetto.

Cafe Cacao (Jan 2011: currently closed for remodeling)
I used to have a coffee (and lunch) more often here before. Now, our office is no longer close to it, I only swing by occasionally. But the cappuccino rocks! If you are around Heinz and 7th st. around lunch or for coffee, stop by Cafe Cacao.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Pretty much any Peet’s will serve a great cappuccino, but my favorite happens to be at the first Peet’s, on the intersection of Vine and Walnut. First opened in 1966, the coffee there is as good as it was the first day… I assume -I wasn’t there then! šŸ˜›

"Food Rules" rules!

Yesterday, on the way back and from San Francisco, I read Food Rules, the latest book by Michael Pollan. I decided to do a little Twitter experiment for 64 days.

Starting today, every day for 64 days I will tweet Michael Pollan’s 64 Food Rules one per day.

To do so, I will be using the #foodrules hashtag and in every tweet, I will include a link to Food Rules‘ Amazon page (I hope many people will get the book -at $5 not only is it VERY cheap, it’s also very valuable in terms of the lessons it carries for each of us about healthy eating).

Below is the Twitter widget, showing the tweets I’ve posted so far with the #foodrules: