News and Resources for T.S. Ernesto

So, don’t let the menacing images make you afraid… It’s “JUST” a tropical storm. Granted that it’s pretty massive (remember Frances?). So the worst danger is that of flooding. You are not going to be dragged by the winds of this one, but DON’T DRIVE: your car could get stuck where you least imagine.

A little while ago, we learned that Full Sail will be closing tomorrow too. It’s probably best that way. Pretty much all schools in the area will be closing too. Also (I know, it’s sad for space fans), as the outer bands of the tropical storm hit South Florida, good ole Space Shuttle Atlantis was hunkering down, so we won’t be seeing it fly for a bit.

In the meantime, the most useful resource for being informed during our lovely bad Florida Weather continues to be the National Hurricane Center. Along with it, there’s a couple of “amateur” sites that are worth checking out:
-The discussions in are pretty active.
Central Florida Hurricane Center tends to be pretty useful, with posts mostly coming from weather hobbyists.
-Then, there’s the local News Sites for Central Florida: WFTV and WESH.

As a last resource, shelters are a good option during dangerous weather. Stay tuned to local media outlets and the Orange County web site for more details about open shelters.