More music going through my radar

Earlier this year I posted about music going through my radar. Today, I have a few more bands to share in here:

The Decemberists: You probably know them. They come from Portland, Oregon and they have become one of the biggest acts in indie rock. I had a chance to see them recently at Hard Rock here in Orlando and was very impressed with the command of the crowd that lead singer/guitarist Colin Meloy exhibited, along with their great performance.

The Besnard Lakes: This is my new favorite band. They come from Montreal and sport a space-pop’ish atmospheric sound that reminds of a blend between My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, M83 and Beach Boys harmonies. They are unbelievable!

Beirut: imagine David Byrne singing Sufjan Stevens-type music… now make that sound lo-fi and throw in an Eastern European twist to it. That’s the sound of Beirut in a nutshell, largely the result of European trips by Zach Condon, 21-year old musician who essentially IS Beirut in the studio.

Destroyer: I learned about Destroyer by way of The New Pornographers (both from Vancouver), given that Destroyer’s leader (Dan Bejar) has collaborated often and closely with them. Though they’ve released quite a few albums since 1996, I just recently became acquainted with them through Destroyer’s Rubies

My Brightest Diamond: as stated om their site, “My Brightest Diamond is Shara Worden, granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist, fathered by a National Accordion Champion, and mothered by a classical organist.” Sounds odd? Not really… she has a voice that will linger long after you’ve stopped hearing her sing. We did, when she opened for The Decemberists, and the only thing we could complain about was how little time she had on the stage.

Menomena: A trio (also) from Portland, Oregon, their music is highly experimental but doesn’t go off the charts. It still stays roughly within indie rock territory. You can listen to their 2007 release, Friend and Foe, here. Here’s a video of one of the tracks from their latest album, called “Wet and Rustling”:

What are they feeding people back in Oregon? Just in this list, there are two bands, and in , I had mentioned The Shins and M. Ward.

The New Pornographers in concert

New Pornographers 6
Originally uploaded by Shan Fu.

We just came back from one hell of a concert at The Club @ Firestone in Downtown Orlando!

Opening were The Postmarks, from Miami. Their singer, beautiful blue-eyed Tim Yehezkely, had had an accident earlier in Orlando. In spite of her broken leg and cast, she delivered a beautiful performance. I knew nothing about them before tonight. In their own words, “with nods to French pop and Brian Wilson’s orchestral arrangements, The Postmarks believe they can rekindle the love affair people once had for beautiful music and well-crafted songs about the trials and tribulations of life.”

Following them was The New Pornographers, from Vancouver, BC, the band led by musical genius A.C. Newman. Though their sound faced a few inconveniences early on, they came out loud and clear with a show that will be remembered. Since the start of the year, we had seen a few acts, but none like them: with their 3-4 minute long songs they managed to capture the hearts of the audience.

Newman’s fun delivery on stage was backed by a host of talented musicians, where vocalist/pianist Kathryn Calder (in the photo) and vocalist/drummer Kurt Dahle who joined their voices with Newman’s, to produce some of the most beautiful vocal harmonies. Neko Case was not part of the lineup, but the singers up on stage did a fine job that made her absence go unnoticed.

At the end of the night, they played for a little less than one and a half hours, but it was well worth it.

Arcade Fire Live on SNL

The release of their new album, Neon Bible is only days away (click here to pre-order your copy from

Yesterday, I shared with you a video from their performance in NY on Feb. 17. Below you can enjoy two videos from their performance on Saturday Night Live, last night.

Update (02/27): Videos were taken down. I would look for new ones, but I don’t feel inclined to, considering that they could also be taken down, unless they’re uploaded by NBC themselves.