Ning: Where People and Technology Make the Future of the Web a Reality Every Day

I like it when people do innovative things… but when those things come from a place that I respect and love as much as Ning, I like it more!

I just saw today the new Ning Jobs page… Not compelled enough to check it out? Take a moment and see for yourself. You may find yourself applying for a job in downtown Palo Alto before you know it.

Disclaimer: I worked at Ning and I can attest that every bit that these folks say is true.

Jobs of the future, #1: Online Community Organizer

Seth Godin is writing in his blog about the Jobs of the Future. The first one listed is “Online Community Organizer“.

Well, that’s promising! I guess I have I will always have a job! (although, quite honestly, what I do in doesn’t feel much like a job… it’s more like a constant dream come true).

A Great Book For Those Interested In Organizing Online Communities

Along the lines of this topic, I recently finished reading a book that constitutes a priceless resource for online and mobile entrepreneurs, called Smart Start-Ups: How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities

I can’t think of a more enlightening book on the topic of entrepreneurship applied to the world of online and mobile communities (can’t quite figure out why or how the editors skipped the mention of the mobile component in the title of the book either).

I picked it up by pure accident at a bookstore one day and now it’s become an essential reference as I am working on the development of Although I am not in complete agreement with some of the strategies presented, overall David Silver provides up and coming entrepreneurs with a chockfull of ideas that will keep you making notes as you go through the chapters.

As a veteran online communiteer, I highly recommend this book for anyone considering venturing into the online (or mobile) world to colonize new spaces as we enter the new era of the internet. Make sure to get your copy.

Google: The #1 Company To Work For

They have a reason to celebrate. Who are they? Google people, the folks that work at Google… because according to the yearly survey by Fortune magazine, they work at the best place there is to work at.

What are some of the goods that make Google stand out so much?
1) Free food…. err… gourmet food, that is.
2) Subsidized transportation, better if you choose to drive a hybrid.
3) Onsite haircuts. Well, I have little use for that. šŸ˜›
4) Subsidized exercising too.
5) Do errands while at work.
6) They listen to employee ideas… and implement them.
7) They are pet-friendly… but leave the fleas at home.
8) They offer a library.
9) Bonuses, sabatticals… sharing the benefits of their growth.

Interesting that most of the items that made them score first place are not high tech or overly innovative: they are just common sense.

The ONE thing that blew me away? Their job growth: 67% in the past year!!