Malcolm Gladwell: the challenge of hiring in the modern world

Not a quick watch, but well worth looking into Malcolm Gladwell is writing about now. Bottom line: our strong need for certainty about our decisions…

In hopes for hiring the perfect professionals for the openings we have (in Sports, among teachers, lawyers or the US president) we leave out some people with potential. Seems like a problem of identifying what makes a good professional.

Thanks to Henkel for the heads up about this.

How To Hire Five People in Ten Days

If you are expecting magic tricks here, I won’t make false promises.

Doubling my team from five to ten (four of whom start in two days, with one last person starting on Monday) has been no easy task. Here’s how I accomplished it:
1) I created the job descriptions: these five people are starting in three different positions, two of which are completely new in our team. I needed to have a means of painting the picture of the job they’d be doing, as best as I could, before I could even start interviewing.

2) I sent out a “blast e-mail” to the company: with close to 1,200 staff members, the response was pretty good. 3 of the 5 people I hired resulted from this effort.

3) I looked back into past resumes of folks that did very well in previous hiring rounds, but didn’t end up getting hired. Another person came out as a result of this technique.

4) Another department was hiring for a position similar to one of the vacant spots I had but they were looking for some elements that were not as critical in my case. So I asked them for their best candidates that almost got the job with them, but didn’t quite make it. One of those candidates was a very good fit for my position…

Result: 5 people hired in a matter of ten days.

Now, ask me in a few weeks how we are surviving the learning curve! 🙂

Is Too Much Project Collaboration Possible?

Today I reached the point of information overload with web-based Project Collaboration options. There’s SO many alternatives out there, it’s easy to get lost.

Until a few weeks ago, life was all Basecamp to me. But then came GoPlan as an option (I’ve heard “mixed reviews” about it).

Tonight, I found out about Huddle, and earlier (by way of Marston) I read about Unfuddle (which seems to rock, by the way!)

Seems like the project management/collaboration tool space is turning into a cereal aisle!! 🙂