Top 5 Sources for Blog Traffic

I had never seen it anywhere until today… I am talking about Bing as the #1 source of traffic to my blog with a whopping 30% of the traffic vs. a little over 20% now coming from Google Searrch!

See the screenshot showing all traffic sources since May 1:

Apparently, I am not alone and Bing may be a better search engine after all.

Are you seeing anything like this?

The Ordeal of Closing a Hotmail Account – part 1

Have you ever wanted (or needed) to close your Hotmail account? I forecast long hours of banging your head against the keyboard, trying to figure out WHY you can’t do it.

Me? I am trying to figure a way to do it… When I click on Options > More Options > # View and edit your personal information > Close Account, I get prompted for my password to verify my identity. I enter it and I am prompted with this message:

As for this message:
* “One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account.” – I have no paid services with Microsoft or a Microsoft Points account: believe me, I checked, even… to make sure, just in case I forgot! I followed every option described in the help for this issue.
* When I click on the “Close your Microsoft account” link at the bottom of the page, I am taking to THIS other page:

(which basically states the same thing… and when I click on to go to the Microsoft Account and Billing Services site, I confirm that… I have no services associated with my account.

SOOOOO, I am basically stuck in a loop. I just wrote to Hotmail support, with the hope that they may help explain what is going on. Any ideas?

When you can afford to no longer support IE…

I just noticed this notice on our Basecamp:

They are phasing out their support of Internet Explorer 6. I am glad this is starting to happen, since having to support older browsers holds back new web development.

Obviously they can afford to be a leader in this kind of thing because:
1) 37Signals, the developers of Basecamp, are known for going about product development their own way… and they are very seldom wrong.
2) Most of their user base will probably not really care about this move, since it’s likely made up of software folks who are no longer using IE 6 any more.

BTW, any other folks who downloaded and installed Firefox 3 recently reading this? How do you like it?