Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets

Great introduction and intermediate-level resource for Twitter
I ran into this title by coincidence while browsing at a local bookstore. I was glad to find a book about Twitter, a phenomenon well on its way to become the next Facebook in a matter of time.

The author takes the time to walk the reader through the basics of properly setting up a Twitter account, finding and following others, tweeting, re-tweeting, finding information on Twitter: in short, all that you need to make the most of Twitter.

He moves on to explore numerous clients and web-based applications to help you maximize your Twitter experience: as far as I can tell, he leaves nothing out. If you have been using Twitter extensively for a while, you still stand to learn a few things from it: having been using using Twitter for 2 years now, I found a number of useful resources that I was unaware of. But if you are new to Twitter, Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets will get you up to speed after you are done with it.

Ning For Dummies is DONE!

I just sent out the last revisions to Nicole, the Project Editor! I am tired but very excited. My first book is done!!!

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement throughout the writing process!!!

AND, if you have an interest in social networking and run a social network on Ning (or are planning to run one), please order a copy of the book.

I guess I will be blogging some more again. šŸ™‚