Interesting Uses of Ning in Education

I recently asked the tweeple following @ningfordummies about creative uses they have for Ning in Education.

Here’s what some of them replied:

From @imaginedpm
Using the ning to develop and share new curriculum across different educational institutions & other stakeholders.

Here’s how RIF uses Ning to educate:

From @bethanyvsmith
I did my thesis on using ning in a distance ed class for class discussions

From @jmiscavish http://lhscreativewriting.n… how don’t I use it in edu?
… and you probably knew about this one, but I frequent the english companion ning: http://englishcompanion.nin…
… and well, too. I’m running my summer reading program through the ning groups right now.

How about you? What interesting uses you are making of Ning in education? If you choose reply @ningfordummies on Twitter, please include the #ningedu hashtag.