Hace 81 años

Hoy habria cumplido 81 años. El cancer de higado del coño se lo llevo mas rapido de lo que pudimos siquiera prepararnos.

Cada dia lo extraño… lo echo mucho de menos y quisiera que estuviera aqui. Se que es un pensamiento egoista, pero asi lo siento.

Era un gran hombre y alguien a quien debo muchisimo de lo que soy hoy en dia (con mis cosas buenas y mis cosas por mejorar, como con todo).

Siempre estaras en mi pensamiento, papa. Te quiero…

4 years…

Time flies.
It almost seem like yesterday
That he left us.

We didn’t even know what was up
He kept scratching and itching
And complaining,
Something he never used to do.
Something was up,
But we didn’t even know…
what was up.

Until the doctors said CANCER,
The dreaded “C” word
That my mom had defeated
A few years before,
So she thought he could do it too.

But only days passed
And it was obvious he was in pain.

Within days,
He stopped laughing and joking
He stopped talking…
He closed his eyes,
Those beautiful eyes full of hope
And love for everyone.

January 16, 2005
My dad left this world.
He died of liver cancer.

He was the man I hope I can get to be one day.
He was my biggest inspiration.

Te extraño papa…