Photos from the last Day at Ning

As most of you know, Monday was my last day @ Ning. Starting Tuesday, I began to head the Diabetes Hands Foundation full-time, running, and other diabetes outreach programs.

Here you can see some photos of the last day, including one with Gina Bianchini (above): not every day does one get the opportunity to get a pic (or work) with a CEO that has Silicon Valley buzzing.

It was an honor to serve in the Ning team. I will now continue to be a Network Creator devoted to the development of our social networks for people touched by diabetes.

Se Fueron Los Compadres

Los Compadres just left. Henkel y Mariana estuvieron con nosotros casi dos semanas (excepto unos dias que bajaron a L.A.) y la pasamos genial: pudimos ir a Napa, Sonoma, el Golden Gate, Monterey, Berkeley y cubrimos las fotos de rigor delante de las empresas mas importantes de Silicon Valley. ­čÖé

¡Los extrañaremos muchisimo Compadres! La pasamos genial. Se les quiere cantidad.

He Hates Sarah Marshall

As some of you know I practically watch no TV (since we moved to CA, from practically it’s turned into none). So, understandably, I was confused by this sign in San Francisco that we ran into as we were getting into the city yesterday:

I guess this could very well be a publicity stunt for Sarah Marshall or could it be the blog of a guy who claims he “was going to dump Sarah Marshall” but she beat him to the punch. I am leaning more towards the first case… otherwise this guy probably deserved getting dumped for being willing to spend so much money on a sign! ­čÖé