Volunteering Computing Time

I signed up my PC to apply its unused computing power to directly advance important research on AIDS. In case you’re familiarized with it, the concept used is the same as in SETIatHome, only that you’re helping with AIDS research and not for the search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The project, FightAIDSatHome, provides ideal computing power to speed up the study of new drugs that attack the many variants of HIV viruses. Never before has this power and opportunity to participate been available. Go to and click ‘Get The Download’ to sign up with me.

Smart Insulin

I can’t believe my eyes! I am so excited.. I just read about SmartInsulin, a new technology under development in MIT, which “contains nanoparticles that release insulin in proportion to blood-glucose levels”. Read the whole story about it in Wired. So it might be possible after all to not have to test my blood sugar four times a day! šŸ˜€