A map of my LinkedIn network

Been looking at this visualization of my LinkedIn network the past couple of days, since I learned about the tool.

The map shows clusters of connections that I was expecting to find: Diabetes (in blue), Health 2.0 (in light blue), Nonprofit Social Media (in green)… but then, also I was able to visualize how strong my network was within certain groups more directly related to past employers (Full Sail -in orange, to the bottom left-, Ning -in yellow, to the bottom right-, Quepasa.com) and my undergrad school in Venezuela (Unimet).

It’s interesting to see the overlaps of these networks (quite strong between diabetes and nonprofit social media, through the Health 2.0 cluster). It was also interesting to see how isolated the Ning and the Full Sail clusters were from all the other ones.

Anyway, watch this video about InMaps and visualize your LinkedIn network with InMaps.