Everybody Talks: a #diabetes podcast for all types

Most of the time diabetes discussion focuses strongly on a single type: type 1 or type 2. But as best as I know, this is the only podcast where the voice of type 1 and type 2 diabetes is captured and shared in response to a variety of issues that everyone with diabetes is affected by.

In Everybody Talks, Mike (type 1 diabetes) and Corinna (type 2 diabetes) discuss and react to interviews with the weekly guests that Diabetes Hands Foundation interviews. Theirs are refreshing friendly voices that accompany on my commute. I only wish they had his daily, but I will settle for the weekly podcast for now!

So, if you haven’t heard Mike and Corinna, subscribe to Everybody Talks for free on the iTunes Store. And, if you have already heard it, and liked it: take a minute to review it and tell others about it, so that more people touched by diabetes may learn about it.

My last day at @DiabetesHF #memories

January 15, 2015, I shared the news about my stepping down from my role as President of the Diabetes Hands Foundation after having co-founded the organization back in 2008 with my wife, and having shared with my friends and colleagues some amazing times working towards a world where people touched by diabetes do not feel alone.

Since January, I have focused my time on two main things at DHF: (1) working with Melissa Lee, DHF’s new Interim Executive Director, to ensure a smooth hand-off (something I am happy to report, has been extremely successful)…

and (2) supporting the team led by our Head of Communities, Emily Coles, to bring TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes from Ning to Discourse, their new 2015 home. TuDiabetes has been migrated (though the team will continue to work, to smooth out the member experience over the course of the coming days and weeks), and EsTudiabetes will soon be migrated.

After seven years on the DHF journey (and eight since we first started TuDiabetes), today I can’t help but think back through some of the memories…

We’ve traveled places together…

Here’s our very first diabetes awareness campaign in 2007, “Word In Your Hand
(Not sure if you know that this is what brought the “Hands” part into the Diabetes Hands Foundation Name)

Here’s the Big Blue Test video we did with music from Capital Cities (before they were BIG!)

Bringing more voices of people with diabetes to FDA and to Congress…

Celebrating awards we received…

Making and keeping great friends…

Having silly moments…

And sad moments…

I am not going too far. Love you, guys!


If you love someone, call them today!

Today, at 9 am I heard the news of my friend Barbara Bancroft’s passing. She was a lady with a golden soul that touched SO MANY lives on TuDiabetes and offline…


The amazing @MrMikeLawson did this in memory of her

Barbara was a staunch believer and a relentless supporter of Diabetes Hands Foundation. She was a super-active member on TuDiabetes, as part of the admin team, a surrogate mom to so many that latched to her her understanding and motherly nature, a generous donor and chair of the community fundraising campaign 2012-2013 at Diabetes Hands Foundation (you can see some of her messages here and here), and above all… a great friend.

I had the fortune to meet her in person multiple times:

She joined us for a #TuDiabetes meetup at LOVE Park in Philadelphia, back in the summer of 2012:

Barbara and I, at the LOVE Park #TuDiabetes meet-up (Summer 2012)

Then, we had a lovely meal in King of Prussia as I was driving up the east coast in September of 2012:

With Barbara. You can see her license plate: JRTPUP. (Sep. 2012)

In April 2013, her family opened me their doors. I stayed with her, her brother, and her sister-in-law, for a couple of days, before and after a friend-raising event we had in Connecticut:

Barbara and I in front of her brother John’s home (April 2013)

August 2013 was the last time we saw each other. It was in Philadelphia for the AADE conference, where she was (as usual) a BIG helper at the DHF booth:

Mila, myself, Barbara, and Brian at our booth during AADE (Aug. 2013)

We stayed in touch through the rest of last year via email, text message, and occasional phone calls. Earlier this year, I heard through Emily Coles (Head of Communities at Diabetes Hands Foundation) that Barbara’s health had taken a turn for the worse. This was our last email exchange, dated January 7, 2014:

Me: I need to call you in the morning… How are you????
Barbara: Waiting 😉

I got busy. I didn’t call her the next day…

She was a cancer survivor. Last week, she had a stroke after an operation to discern if her cancer had recurred. She never regained consciousness.

I know Barbara would want me to forgive myself for not calling her when I said I would. But I cannot help but think that there was nothing more important for me to do than to call my friend when I told her I would, specially when she was going through so much.

You will be eternally missed, amiga.

Rest in peace, Barbara!