A World Diabetes Day doodle… 8 years in the making

I write this on November 14, World Diabetes Day. This day is marks the birthdate of Sir Frederick Banting, whom we credit for the discovery of insulin.

In April 2008, my wife Andreina and I co-founded Diabetes Hands Foundation. In October of that year, we partnered with many of our friends to ask Google for a World Diabetes Day doodle. That petition did not succeed.

Four years later, in 2012, we tried a different approach, deciding to ask Doodle for a Frederick Banting doodle. That petition (now with more than 15,000 signatures) also did not succeed.

Today, we wake up to the first ever Frederick Banting doodle…
world-diabetes-day-doodle-2016-frederick-banting and the level of awareness something as “simple” as a doodle is generating is mind boggling!

Thank you, Google! It took 8 years, but better late than never.

A BIG reason to support the Diabetes Hands Foundation

July 14, 2009 more than 1,000 people with diabetes answered our call and tested their blood sugar at the same time. Our goal was to reach 14,000 people, however the people who participated in this online event felt more connected to others with diabetes than they had felt in a long time. So we will make this our goal again for World Diabetes Day, November 14.

Programs like this one require a lot of planning and coordination. To help you understand why your help is so important, let me introduce you to Lee Ann Thill, a member of TuDiabetes who has had type 1 diabetes since 1978. Please take a moment to watch her video where she shares her thoughts about the Diabetes Hands Foundation and the importance of your financial contribution.

We count on your financial your support to make this and other diabetes awareness initiatives a success. Please donate to Diabetes Hands Foundation today to make it possible. Your donation is tax deductible: