OK, I have to admit it: it hasn’t been easy, but the MBA has been the one thing that has served as a tranquilizer and therapeutical eight hours in the midst of the last few weeks. It’s kinda hard to work, study AND search for a job at the same time, but I still love it. I’ve known some great people who work in all imaginable places in the valley, and we’ve started meeting in our small team in the Barnes & Noble store in Chandler Fashion Center. I almost remember how I used to look at the students who used to meet at the one by our place, in Shea and 101… and now I’m one of them.

I am happy: I know it may sound sick, but I am happy. Today, I think I struck gold. May it be if it has to be. I am now going to watch a documentary on Gandhi that we checked out of the library last night and then I am going to read a few lines about this great man as I go to bed quietly. Tonight we exercised and did some Yoga. Can you tell I am relexed? šŸ˜‰