Dissapointed With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies and their attitude toward diabetic people. I just found out yesterday that insurance cos. are normally declining people who want to be insured, if they present an existing condition of either diabetes 1 or 2 (the one I have). This is insane!! It would make sense to me if they increased premiums, but… NO COVERAGE? Well, this is my current struggle at this point. I will keep anyone reading this posted.


Que no sea haga nuestra voluntad, sino la tuya… pero si se puede, por favor, no te lleves a Sergio todavia! Dale una larga vida, para felicidad suya, de su familia y de sus amigos… para que llegue a tener chamos que puedan crecer, conocerlo y hacerlo reir de nuevo, y vivir una vida plena.


Well, I’ve continued with my treatment against Diabetes Type II, but things have been good in several fronts:

  • We’re finally getting paid the money we were owed at my previous job!
  • We’re getting ourselves a second car: Alexia’s VW New Beetle (yes, the green one!) since commuting is becoming a bit of a nightmare for the two of us to handle without two cars. Sorry, mOother Earth… 🙁
  • I went to Chicago all of last week for PackExpo 2002. It was amazing. Check out some pictures.
  • Last trimester ended in good shape: two A’s!!! 😀
  • This week is my first week of the second trimester in the MBA: I’m taking Financial Accounting and Microeconomics… Will let you know more about this later on.
  • I got a copy of two new albums en espa#ol: Ruben Blades’ new “

    ” (amazing! A blend of world rhythms and sounds like the best of the world music scene) and Joan Manuel Serrat’s latest, (not as good as some of his previous works, but yet love it!), “Versos En La Boca