We went to the 45th annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival yesterday. It was a great way to spend a Saturday (makes you wish there were more of those festivals throughout the year!)

Our favorite artists were:

-Rimas Ciurlionis (Berwyn, IL): hands down, the best in the festival (no wonder she’s won so many prizes)

-Will Corr (Holmes Bch, FL): great paintings on wood

-Donne Bitner (Orlando, FL): another great Floridian artist

-Gillian Kemper (Oklahoma City, OK): Watercolor works that blow your mind away, crossing the line between surreslist and naif.

-Wilson Scott (Kanasville, WI): another great painter who was a awarded a prize by the jury in front of us.

-Jim Martin (Santa Barbara, CA), who works metals in a very minimalist way.

Les Slesnick (Orlando, FL): beautiful photography from accross Latin America. We were able to afford four of this small prints.