The Blue Nile – High

The voice of Paul Buchanan, The Blue Nile’s fabulous vocalist, touched my life almost four years ago, when a colleague first introduced me to their work by means of their landmark albums “Hats” and “Walk Across the Rooftops“, both on my list of Desert Island albums. They later released a bit of a flop album, a bit out of sync with the times, and eight years later, in 2004 they came back with “High“, a fantastic production that once again fits in perfectly with our days and nights, considering that all of us that grew up as eighties children are seeing our music and rhythms revive in the most unexpected ways.

“High” presents a limited selection of nine songs, that sound like Talk Talk-meets-Peter Gabriel. As a matter of fact, Paul Buchanan had quite a performance in Gabriel’s album OVO, which convinced me for good of his vocal ualities. With a cover that matches the recurrent ‘downtown lights’ theme of the band, the music very much works perfectly for nighttime playing, and stands out above most of the conventional works around, in spite of its incredible simplicity. It just strikes the right chords around Paul Buchanan’s mellow voice.

So, in sum, The Blue Nile are back… and, with an album just as good as “Walk Across the Rooftops”, they seem to me as if they’re here to stay. By all means, check out “High“.

friendo huevos

>Una mujer le está friendo unos huevos de almuerzo al marido.


>De pronto, el marido entra en la cocina.


> “¡¡¡Cuidado … CUIDADO !!! Ponles un poco más de aceite.


> POR DIOS ¡¡¡ Estás cocinando demasiados al mismo tiempo !!!



>¡¡¡Dales la vuelta !!! DALES LA VUELTA AHORA !!! Necesitamos más aceite.

>¡¡¡POR DIOS !!! ¿¿¿DONDE vamos a conseguir MÁS ACEITE ??? ¡¡¡ Se van a


>!!! Cuidado … CUIDADO !!! ¡¡¡Dije CUIDADOOOO !!! NUNCA me haces caso

>cuando cocinas ¡¡¡Nunca !!! ¡¡¡CUIDADO!!! ¡¡¡Dales la vuelta !!!

>¡¡¡Rápido !!!

> ¿¿¿Estás LOCA ??? ¿¿¿Perdiste la CABEZA ??? No te olvides de echarles


> Sabes que siempre te olvidas de la sal. Usa la sal. ¡¡¡USA LA SAL !!!

>¡¡¡LA SAL………………!!!”


>* La mujer lo mira con asombro: “¿Pero… Qué te pasa? ¿Crees que no

> puedo freír un par de huevos?”


>* El marido sonríe y contesta calmadamente:

>”Sólo quería mostrarte lo que se siente cuando voy conduciendo

>contigo en el coche, querida.”