Carta a mi Esposa desde el Cielo

Con motivo del Dia de los Enamorados, a dos dias de cumplirse un mes de la muerte de papa…

Hoy venia al trabajo manejando y pense como seria si hoy el le escribiera a mama una carta desde el cielo. Esto fue lo que me inspiro.

Hace apenas unos dias que me fui.
Se que para ti,
Mas bien parecen semanas o siglos.

Hace instantes sentia tu mano
En la mia,
Y veia el retrato en la mesa
Lleno de alegria.

Hoy lo veo todo desde aqui,
Y te veo sufrir
Y no quiero eso para ti.

Se que sabes que llorar
Al ser partido
No es mas que llorar
La soledad.

Porque yo,
En realidad,
Nunca me he ido.

Estoy a tu lado,
A cada paso.
Estoy junto a ti,
Con ustedes,
Aunque no me puedan ver.

Que tal,
Si salimos esta noche
Bajo una luna rosada.
Con lluvia, o si prefieres,
A pasear por Roma
A la luz de los postes
De calles empedradas.

No pienses que me fui temprano,
Cuando te sientas sola.
Recuerda cuanto te amo
En todo momento y lugar.

Deja que te arrulle,
Con un canto silencioso
Y desafinado.
Deja mecer tu cabeza
Mientras te beso en la frente.

O si estas cansada,
Buenas noches,
Vida mia.

Que en tus sueños
Me sigas sintiendo,
Como cada noche,
Callado, junto a ti,

Diabetes progress

It’s been a few days since I last blogged. It’s been very busy. The baby being sick on one end, and lots and lots of work in the office, with the coming of the launch of the product I’ve been working on for almost a year now, it’s been crazy. But it’s been very good too.

Quite a few things have me very excited:
-I’ve gotten in contact with the lead researcher of a project in the University of Florida, who is conducting one of the largest (if not THE largest) study in the world, for children of diabetics, to try to identify the cause of the disease. We learned about him through a cousin of mine who is a doctor. We may volunteer the baby for it, if it can help, but beyond that, I will volunteer to help his team disseminate the word about the study, its progress, getting more people informed and involved with it, etc. using blogs, Internet Marketing techniques, etc. I am very happy to be able to do this.
-On the diabetes newsfront, I read about two things that are quite promising just this morning:
1) World-First Living Donor Transplant of Islet Cells a Success. The Islet cells are the ones in the Pancreas that are responsible for the production of insulin. Once you have Diabetes Type I (my case), the body begins to eliminate them and it becomes irreversible, to the point where you no longer produce any insulin at some point because all these cells are essentially gone. So the ability to transplant them back into a diabetic person is significant. Though it doesn’t eliminate the cause, it does give an option to diabetics.
2) American Diabetes Association, Georgetown University to Release Report on Diabetes-Related Health Insurance Crisis. Those who know me, know this is not really THAT new. When I worked at my past job, I couldn’t get insurance because they offered no plan and I couldn’t get individual coverage because I was diabetic. Our only resort, and it was fortunate that Andreina was still in school at the time, was to put me under her University insurance. Otherwise, I would have been uninsured. Just to give you an idea of the impact of this, even with insurance, we spend somewhere over $1,000 in supplies, copayments and other diabetes-related items in the course of a year. If I recall well, for example, Lantus insulin (which I shoot myself everyday with) is about $90-$100 without insurance, and you need approx. 1 vial every two months. So, though this is not news, it is good that there’s been more awareness about it. We’ll see where this leads.

Well, nuf of diabetes for now. I am heading out to work for the day. Have a great weekend, y’all.