The Two Chinese Boys

Chances are you have seen these guys. On their blog, they seem like two ordinary Chinese roommates, and they are. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find out they are the amateur stars of some of the funny pretend-singing web videos circulating the web these days.

The first video I saw of them had them singing the Backstreet Boys’ “Tell Me Why“. it cracked me up. They put in all this energy and emotion into the “performance” while there’s this other immovable kid in the background (I think, playing games). You’ve got to check it out.

Today, I found out they’ve put out a lot more videos. On you can view all their other hits. I still feel “Tell Me Why” is a stand out, but here you go

Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler: safe and swift…

I just found out about this amazing gadget. It saves you all the upset stomachs and potential for ulcers that result from drinking tons of coffee while it wakes you up in the same way that a cup of java or two do. Buzzaire it is called, and it saells only for $12.99. It includes 1 inhaler and 2 cartridges, each of which has 100 doses, so you will even be saving money, while you are saving your liver. How’s that?

Happy April Fool’s Day!