Credit To Whom Credit Should Go

Mike Davidson, the founder of Newsvine and a great web designer too, got ticked off when he realized that John MCain’s MySpace page was using one of his designs without crediting him properly AND was pulling the design directly from Mike’s server, effectively eating up some of his bandwidth.

He played a prank on McCain by swapping the image getting served, to include a bold statement (coming from McCain):

Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage…particularly marriage between two passionate females. (along with a plug linking back to

Lesson learned? Hopefully…

Adobe CS3 Webcast

Today we had a chance to view the (accidented) webcast that Adobe did to introduce the CS3 suite. You can view the webcast at the bottom of this post.

They now have a zillion versions of the suite: even Photoshop now comes in two flavors. I guess the one that would work for us best would be CS3 Design Premium, but who knows… the webcast has been off the air for a few minutes now due to technical glitches (Adobe’s CEO note to self: do as Steve Jobs does).

What I saw in the webcast before it came off the air was cool, so I have hopes that, come April (when the first six versions ship), it will be the big leap they are claiming it will be.