Connecting with Latino Mobile Users

My friend Rafa makes me proud. He recently participated in a panel of very high profile speakers in the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami. He is VP of Business operations at LatCel, the leading provider of wireless content services for U.S. Hispanic communities.

He broke the news about about the coming relaunch of their site Lo2Yo (LoTuyo) with a reggaeton and hip-hop-centered platform featuring animated characters set in a “Pimp-my-ride”-style garage. Currently Lo2Yo offers horoscope, dating, love tips and more content for Latino mobile users.

I am very proud of Rafa. He sure knows this market. He closed his statement by saying:

“There’s a misconception outside the Hispanic world that the U.S. Hispanic market has to be addressed in Spanish, and that it’s one single market.”

LatCel’s second-generation target audience “will use mainstream
services, but they’re proud of their roots.”