Manny Moving to San Francisco, To Work For Ning

By now, some of you have heard the news.

I will be leaving Full Sail soon. Starting Jan. 15 I will be starting at a new position in the heart of Silicon Valley, surrounded by some true legends of the Web industry, helping others create and develop social networks at Ning is the platform that powers, in case you are unfamiliar with it.

This will make Jan. 4 my last day at Full Sail.

At the same time that I am happy for this new opportunity (and this you can believe to come from the bottom of my heart), part of my heart is sad to leave behind such a great team of people.

I have been in Full Sail since July 2003. This is the longest time I have been in any job in my life (thanks in no small part to the Internet bubble that burst a couple of times in my face!)

I have grown not only in years while at Full Sail: I’ve grown as a manager, I’ve grown my understanding of web products, and most important of all, I’ve grown in friends.

Now, I look forward to working in Ning, helping others accomplish what we have done in and continuing to develop as a professional and a human being.

Today and the days up to Dec. 5, we are in the Bay Area, looking the place (or at least an area where that place will be located) that we will start calling home soon. Any tips are welcome! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Manny Moving to San Francisco, To Work For Ning

  1. Wow man, what a phenomenal opportunity for you! Now think back to when you were scouting service for your Diabetes community to be built on. What a difference a single decision can make! I’ll be sorry to see you go for sure!

  2. Good luck in your new wonderful job and finding a new home… remember that we need comfy room by January…. 🙂

  3. As a San Franciscan, I am always happy to gush about the city I love. I could probably throw you a few tips on nice neighborhoods in the city (assuming you want to live in SF).As a member of tudiabetes, I am glad that ning has recognized your talent for creating a great online community. Maybe you could pass on some of your expertise to schools (we tried to start a ning forum in on of my classes, and it pretty much flopped).

  4. Muchas felicidades mi pana.Estoy siguiendo muy de cerca tus proyectos. Aprecio mucho por todo lo que estas contruyendo, y es por eso que deseo todo lo mejor para ti y tu familia.Recibe un fuerte abrazo. Carlos Pavone.

  5. Wow! Que notición! Felicidades! Como tú dices, debe ser una lastima dejar a Orlando, pero se ve que es por algo bueno… espero que a todos les vaya bien por allá… y que nos veamos soon! saludos desde la tierra de los referendums…

  6. Congratulations, my friend. Can’t think of a better next step for you. Yet another reason for me to visit the west coast!

  7. San Francisco is a great place to live with tons of opportunities. Just be prepared for the traffic. Not too many places match the traffic in the Bay Area. Feel free to ask any questions about where you want to live and I’ll be happy to answer them the best I can. Congrats Manny

  8. Congrat’s Manny!! The Bay Area is awesome. If you will be working in the Palo Alto area, there are options both more and less expensive. Try to avoid commuting on 101; 280 (north of 85 and south of 380 anyway) is generally tolerable in the morning. Also, you should be able to find an endocrinologist at Stanford. I don’t know any in particular but I have a friend who is an endo (Davis) who almost worked there, so I know they must have a good enough reputation. UCSF also has a Diabetes Center.I just saw this post so maybe you’ve already found a place to live…