Reviewer Ranks Shift

This morning I realized that my good ole Top 100 reviewer status had been shifted as a result of a change of the way Amazon calculates the rankings of reviewers. Based on the new method, I am reviewer #148 (though they say the reviewer standings would be recalculated on a daily basis).

Actually, that seems more fair and a reflection of the fact that (due to all other things going on in my life these days) I am not as prolific in my reviewing as I used to be.

Here is how Amazon summarizes the changes:
* Review helpfulness plays a larger part in determining rank. Writing thousands of reviews that customers don’t find helpful won’t move a reviewer up in the standings.
* The more recently a review is written, the greater its impact on rank. This way, as new customers share their experiences with Amazon’s ever-widening selection of products, they’ll have a chance to be recognized as top reviewers.
* Amazon has changed the way they measure review quality to ensure that every customer’s vote counts. Stuffing the ballot box won’t affect rank. In fact, such votes won’t even be counted.

I am very glad with these changes: the wisdom of the masses playing an even MORE important role.