Ning For Dummies is DONE!

I just sent out the last revisions to Nicole, the Project Editor! I am tired but very excited. My first book is done!!!

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement throughout the writing process!!!

AND, if you have an interest in social networking and run a social network on Ning (or are planning to run one), please order a copy of the book.

I guess I will be blogging some more again. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ning For Dummies is DONE!

  1. Manny, congratulations on your first book! That’s an amazing achievement. There’s no doubt you’re the right man to have worked on that project. I wish it success on the book shelves!

  2. Felicitaciones!!!Dicen que el primero es el mas dificil si que espero mas libros de ti porque creo que tienes mucho que escribir.

  3. I’m confused. How can this be your first book, when you’re the author of REALBasic for Dummies?Felicitaciones!!

  4. WOW!! Congratulations on another amazing accomplishment…do you ever sleep?

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