The Ordeal of Closing a Hotmail Account – part 1

Have you ever wanted (or needed) to close your Hotmail account? I forecast long hours of banging your head against the keyboard, trying to figure out WHY you can’t do it.

Me? I am trying to figure a way to do it… When I click on Options > More Options > # View and edit your personal information > Close Account, I get prompted for my password to verify my identity. I enter it and I am prompted with this message:

As for this message:
* “One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account.” – I have no paid services with Microsoft or a Microsoft Points account: believe me, I checked, even… to make sure, just in case I forgot! I followed every option described in the help for this issue.
* When I click on the “Close your Microsoft account” link at the bottom of the page, I am taking to THIS other page:

(which basically states the same thing… and when I click on to go to the Microsoft Account and Billing Services site, I confirm that… I have no services associated with my account.

SOOOOO, I am basically stuck in a loop. I just wrote to Hotmail support, with the hope that they may help explain what is going on. Any ideas?