Series de TV de los 70 y 60

Un primo que me lleva unos añitos me paso esta lista… Disfruten:

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  1. Not sure about the Spanish-language versions, but many of these are earlier than the '70's:Batman — 1966-1969 IIRCThunderbirds — early 1960's (supermarionation — the puppeteering technique used — went out of style in the late '60's)El Capitán Marte y el XL5 — Fireball XL5 in English — again, supermarionation/ 1960'sRoy Rogers — This was the late 1950'sCisko Kid — definitely '60's. IIRC the guy who played Pancho died in the early '70'sZorro — Guy Williams did this in the 1950'sFlipper — 1960'sLassie — this started in the mid 1950's and went through the early 1970'sMr. Ed — definitely 1960'sLa Isla de Gilligan — also 1960'sSuperman — The link is to the 1950's seriesViaje al Fondo del Mar — 1960'sBonanza — 1950's through early 1970'sTierra de Gigantes — 1960'sPerdidos en el Espacio — 1966-1969 IIRCI remember watching Adam West as Batman when the series was brand new, also loving the supermarionation shows whenever I could find them (too young to remember the plots and characters, but Captain Scarlet was my favorite at the time). Some of the live-action shows were strip-syndicated in the afterschool viewing time period, which is how I got hooked on Lost in Space and Gilligan's Island

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