The Social Media Marketing Book: Concise, complete, compeling

I just finished reading Dan Zarrella’s book and I am very impressed. If you are new to the world of social media or wondering how to make it fit your marketing strategy, this book is a perfect starting point. Dan lays out all the dimensions of social media in an easy-to-understand way, outlining the do’s and don’t’s for each of them. It doesn’t pretend to be a Bible of the topic: for in-depth tactics for each leg of your social media marketing strategy, you will need to pick up other titles. But The Social Media Marketing Book gives you a very complete feel for what lies ahead, should you want to market your brand through social media, something that you will soon realize not to be an option but a must.

Ning for Nonprofits: Guest post on the Case Foundation Blog

Today, a guest post I wrote about Ning for nonprofits: How to create, manage and grow your own social network went live on the Case Foundation blog. I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to share some of what I have learned about the use of Ning with other nonprofits.

Hope you find it useful as you are trying to navigate the waters of Ning as a nonprofit. If you have additional questions, you can contact me at (I am available for consulting) and/or get a copy of “Ning For Dummies.”