Tips from a Q-Tip

This week was packed with lessons… you go through life swabbing your ears like nothing and then one day… PUFF! You are taught a huge lesson by nothing more than a Q-Tip! Here are the tips I learned from this unlikely teacher this week:


  • Never… I mean NEVER, stick a Q-Tip inside your ear canal: it happened to me and it can happen to you -you can find yourself trying to scare off a fly and accidentally push the q-tip inside your ear.


Eardrum rupture

  • Flying with a ruptured eardrum is not as dangerous you may think. The reason is that pressure change due to air travel pushes in on the eardrum. But when there is a hole in it, the pressure on both sides is equal, so there is no need for you to compensate as you go up or down.
  • Corollary: when you DO compensate, you feel “air” oozing out of your ear… very weird sensation, I have to admit.
  • A perforated eardrum causes temporary (partial) hearing loss: know when you go into a pool and you come out with water “stuck” in your ear, how your hearing is sort of muffled? That is exactly how I hear now from my right ear. The difference is that I cannot get rid of the water and hear OK again. I need to wait about six weeks for the eardrum to heal.

After my appointment with the ENT yesterday, I have confirmed in a month and a half hearing should be restored, as long as I keep my right ear dry and clean. Still, I don’t recommend this experience to anyone… it sucks… a lot! 🙁