#SOSVenezuela: learning, and recharging batteries in Stanford

Today was a special day for Venezuelans near San Francisco. While anti-government protests were taking place all over the Venezuelan map, the Stanford Venezuelan Student Association gathered a luxury panel of experts to discuss the situation in Venezuela.

They brought those of us who came from Venezuela and now live in the Bay Area together to learn, get inspired, and continue to support the fight of those back in Venezuela who continue to face lack of freedom of expression, jail, torture, and death.

The panel consisted of Prof. Axel Capriles, Prof. Francisco Monaldi, Prof. Pedro Palma, Dr. Miriam Kornblith, and Prof. Larry Diamond.

A few comments that stuck with me:

After the amazing interventions by the panelists, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that among us was no less than Ex-President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo. He inspired everyone in the room with his words. I captured his intervention in the video below:

We felt honored to be in the presence of a leader that endured very critical challenges along with his fellow Peruvians at the turn of the century and was able to prevail. We were very thankful that he joined us for this event and that he raised his voice along with Pastrana and other Latin American leaders against the violence in Venezuela. If only CURRENT Latin American (and other) Presidents had the same courage!


We left the event re-energized, and empowered with information to continue standing up to the reality faced by people in Venezuela today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Manny. Good to read! I saw Venezuelan demonstrators in Central Park South yesterday afternoon. Ever since I was 12, I have been fascinated by Venezuela. A classmate of mine moved there, for her father’s assignment & relocation, and then came back to school with me a few years later. Whenever I could choose my own topic to write about in a essay or book report, I chose Venezuela. Even though I have not yet had the chance to visit, I feel like I already know the country as a long distance friend.

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