Avance Associates Comes To a Stop

It’s been crossing my mind for a while (since last year, I’ve had progressively less time to dedicate to it), but this past April 30, 2008 we made it a reality: Avance Associates, LLC ceased its operations.

We had started this consulting firm back in Jan. 2004 to assist clients with search engine marketing, translation and design services. We served customers such as AOL Latin America, MLB.com, dLife.com and Border Trade Alliance. But the dedication to the Diabetes Hands Foundation now demands that we focus on it full-time.

So, effective today, the home page of Avance Associates indicates this clearly.

New Banner for Avance Associates

This is the first banner I’ve ever designed.

If you see the first draft in Flickr, you can follow a little bit the evolution that I went through this afternoon to get here.

Andreina gave me two key pointers that made a huge difference:
1) Boxing (as in a button) the “Find Out How” call to action.
2) Putting something interesting in the background, to make it less “flat”.

I will be adding the banner to the Avance Associates site shortly…

In the meantime, you can see in this composition how it should be looking live once everything is finalized and in place.

Search Engine Marketing Training

I am now heading down to Miami to deliver a Search Engine Marketing training session (more specifically on PPC). If you have a need to get up to speed with Search Engine Optimization, paid campaigns or any of these important topics to have your web site come up among the top choices when potential visitors search for your products or services on Google or Yahoo!, contact us.

I will be back on Sunday… most importantly, with the FAMILY!! They are coming back from their trip. I am beyond happy! šŸ™‚