The 3/50 Project (or how to save local economies)

This morning, as part of my morning stroll on the way to the office, I ran into an unusual sign: one that asked me expressly to commit to spend at least $50 each month in independently owned stores to help save my local economy. It turns out this poster was not a stand-alone thing: it was part of a bigger movement, the 3/50 Project!

To support your local economy, visit and learn more.

An Amazon vs. Netflix world? I am fine with that…

This week, Jeff Bezos broke the news about Amazon taking on Netflix openly on the giant online retailer’s home page:

As a subscriber of Netflix and a long-time user of Amazon, I think this will good foe everyone. I hadn’t written about this since BEFORE streaming became common (at least before Netflix started the service that it now dominates by a lot!) But I had talked about Amazon being a player to keep your eye on in this space.

I am glad that Amazon is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the streaming video space. Not because I have anything against Netflix, but because I would rather see Amazon be Netflix’s nemesis than Apple, charging a premium to customers and giving smaller percentages to publishers on their store…

What is your take on this move by Amazon?