Coro Youth Program: helping shape the future

Today, I participated in a breakfast hosted by Coro, a nonprofit that has been around for several decades with the goal of training tomorrow’s leaders. For example, one prominent Coro alumni was California Senator Diane Feinstein.

Had it not been for my friend Kath from Madera Group, I would have never learned of them or about the possibility of hosting one of their youth fellows. It turns out, starting July 7, at the Diabetes Hands Foundation we will have a Berkeley High School student working with us full-time, three days a week, on a very tangible project (our No-Sugar Added Poetry book), as part of his summer internship.

Why am I so excited? Watch this video so you can better understand how this program helps share the future!

Education in California: It's a Priorities Problem

Today, I took part in a local protest along with dozens of teachers, parents and children facing the (new) potential budget cuts to education in California.

I took lots of photos, which you can see on my Facebook page. However, the most revealing one in my opinion was the one I included here, which had a father of a student holding up a sign that read “It’s a Priorities Problem.”

The state Government doesn’t have a spending problem. It has a PRIORITIES problem: what it’s valuing most and what it’s willing to do for that vs. what it’s willing to do to maintain (and improve) public education.

What can YOU do?

  • Call your state legislators (1-888-268-4334): tell them to think like Oregonians! In Oregon, on January 26, to protect public education and other vital social services, voters passed two ballot measures that raised taxes on those with the highest incomes and corporations.
  • Read about progressive tax alternatives to cuts:
  • Talk to everyone around you (family, neighbors, friends) about the issues.
  • Support the 48-day March for California’s Future and follow it.

Interesting Uses of Ning in Education

I recently asked the tweeple following @ningfordummies about creative uses they have for Ning in Education.

Here’s what some of them replied:

From @imaginedpm
Using the ning to develop and share new curriculum across different educational institutions & other stakeholders.

Here’s how RIF uses Ning to educate:

From @bethanyvsmith
I did my thesis on using ning in a distance ed class for class discussions

From @jmiscavish http://lhscreativewriting.n… how don’t I use it in edu?
… and you probably knew about this one, but I frequent the english companion ning: http://englishcompanion.nin…
… and well, too. I’m running my summer reading program through the ning groups right now.

How about you? What interesting uses you are making of Ning in education? If you choose reply @ningfordummies on Twitter, please include the #ningedu hashtag.