Making a Flash Site More Searcheable

A while back, I wrote about making Flash web sites searcheable. At the time I wrote about this, I was unaware of a concept called SWF Objects.

As described by the creator of the idea, in essence what SWF Objects does is:

Prepare an HTML element that will hold our Flash movie. The content placed in the ‘holder’ element will be replaced by the Flash content, so users with the Flash plug-in installed will never see the content inside this element. This feature has the added bonus of letting search engines index your alternate content.

So there goes an incredibly Search Engine-friendly way to deal with Flash sites, besides the previously discussed tips.

See SWF Objects in action in the Schematic web site, where Geoff Stearns (the guy who posted about it and one of its creators) used to work until this week… he’s moving to San Fran to work with Google. šŸ™‚

Flash Surrealism

A colleague at work sent me this on Friday. I guess this is what Dali and company would be doing if they were Flash-based artists.

Warning: the Flash animation, essentially a surreal composition that keeps zooming in “endlessly” (it loops after a while, but very well done) contains some disturbing images, but it’s still amazing…