Pokesteps? Poke-yes!

A few weeks ago, I was lured into playing a game that has become quite popular. Of course, I am referring to Pokemon Go. Our 12-year old son had been quite a dedicated fan of Pokemon for years now, and since I missed this phenomenon growing up, half the time I didn’t understand what he was saying when he spoke about it. But I decided to give the mobile game a try.

Since I started playing, I don’t cease to be tremendously impressed about the way the game succeeds at getting you to go out and about. Not only is this amazing for kids and young adults (who grew up on Pokemon) alike, since it gets them back outdoors, the way most of us who were born in the 70s and 80s grew up. This game motivates people to get more active…

You are not told you have to put in X number of steps, you have to walk off to hatch eggs that will eventually turn into Pokemons that you can play with in the game. You are not invited to walk for 30 minutes, but without doing so you really cannot hit the Pokestops where you get the pokeballs and other items you need to catch Pokemons and make the most of your catches. The BYPRODUCT of doing all these fun things is that you put in steps that otherwise you may have not taken… As I call them, POKESTEPS!

SO this has officially become the first game since the early days of the Wii, where moving got you points and helped you advance, that I am truly excited about. Gotta catch them all!

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Our diabetes networks go mobile!

Last month, we announced the launch of the EsTuDiabetes mobile application for iPhone and Android:

(Download it for free at: http://road.ie/estudiabetes)

Today we’re announcing the launch of our TuDiabetes Mobile application for iPhone and Android:

(Download it for free at: http://road.ie/tudiabetes)

And next month we will be launching the HealthSeeker mobile apps for iPhone and Android…

We’re very excited about being able to give “legs” to our networks, so that they can be taken on the road by all the people who can benefit from them!

Hipmunk for iPhone: making nonpainful travel possible!

Here’s my friend Danilo Campos, as he introduced Hipmunk for iPhone, an amazing app that makes finding non-painful travel options (minimize agony while booking a trip and traveling) a breeze.

I am happy to have found out about this app, but I am even HAPPIER and proud to see Danilo delivering such an amazing pitch to these VCs at Launch 2011. WAY TO GO, Dude!