Back on Twitter and blogging after grief

My mother, Esther Paredes-Hernandez (1930-2018)

A little over a year ago, around the passing of my mother, I stopped posting on Twitter. I told myself that I couldn’t bear the cacophony of messages and nasty attacks I kept seeing in connection with the situation in Venezuela and the US. In reality, I needed to grieve, and grieve I did…

I continued to love my work at Livongo, I caught up with friends (in fact, I was able to attend an ADA Scientific Sessions that wasn’t all stress, crowned by an amazing midnight chat with Diatribe’s Adam Brown), but my presence in Social Media was limited to LinkedIn, the mandatory Lucas photos on Instagram, and the occasional check-in on Facebook once every month or two.

I went one step further: in August 2018, I attempted to deactivate my Twitter account, and it didn’t work. It really didn’t make me lose sleep, but today I am kind of glad, because earlier this month, as the Venezuelan crisis started heating up again a month ago, I couldn’t find fresh enough news on any mainstream media, and found myself looking at Twitter for updates. And as quickly as that… I came back to Twitter, Jan. 27. But who am I fooling? I never really left: I just needed to grieve, and grieve I did…

And, along with being back on Twitter, I find myself blogging again, which I hadn’t done since September 2017… inspired by my #DOC friend and remote worker extraordinaire, Scott Hanselman. It is my goal to post here a few times per month. I am working on the next post on how the subconscious can play you some wild tricks, including having you buy plane tickets for the wrong destination.

I registered to vote today… yet it’s a sad day!

2014-02-12 11.30.56

Today, Andreina and I became US Citizens… 13 years after arriving in this country, after 7 years of work visas, and 6 years of being permanent residents, we can finally vote! As soon as we finished the Citizenship Oath Ceremony, we applied for our US Passport and registered to vote.

My heart is torn, though. On one side, I am happy (can’t deny it) about finally reaching this goal of ours, one that we’ve been looking forward for so many years. However, on the other side it’s profoundly saddening to see the recent news in Venezuela, which are beginning to escalate into who-knows-what. Today, during anti-government protests by thousands of people in all the main Venezuelan cities were met with violence, resulting in at least 3 deaths and 23 wounded.

Later in the day, NTN24, a CNN-like station focused on Latin American news was taken off satellite TV by the Venezuelan government while it was the ONLY station broadcasting what was happening. President Maduro showing his true colors…

For those who want to follow NTN24 via YouTube, here’s the LIVE stream, thanks to YouTube:

Will this be the start of a Venezuelan Spring?