Space Shuttle Discovery Launches

A couple of nights ago, I was outside, waiting for Andreina to be done with a class she was attending and the shuttle launch was supposed to take place any minute… so I stepped outside of the car, staring at the eastern night, with a level of expectation that is hard to describe. I was expecting the bright light that would make the night look like day, with a little lump on my throat, produced by the fear of an unintended fireworks show in the middle of the night (I can recall the explosion of the Challenger very vividly -saw it on TV as the launch was broadcasted). And then… there was nothing. It got cancelled.

Tonight, the shuttle went up in the air, and though I’d read about the final decision to launch it at 8:47 EST… I totally forgot about it, and never went out to see it up in the air. I jumped into Flickr and found some amazing pictures, this being one of them. I guess it will have to be another time.

Save Pluto!

“I can’t believe the news today. Oh, I can’t close my eyes And make it go away.”

Yes, it’s a U2 song, but it seems to fit pretty well today’s news about Pluto’s demise as one of our long “known” nine planets in our Solar System. When I found out, I was like: “No longer a planet? GET OUT! That is so weird.” I mean, forget for a second about the embarrassment of the tiny lonely now-so-called “dwarf planet” during today’s session of the International Astronomical Union while he got demoted.

Is anyone thinking about the identity crisis and depression poor old Pluto (Disney’s Pluto, that is) will undergo from this point on? I mean… If you were wondering why he didn’t talk, now he will have a good reason to just bark and not articulate a word again if he ever was planning on talking before. After all, he was named after the planet… errr, dwarf planet, I meant.

So I propose a campaign. I say we SAVE PLUTO! Don’t let it be embarrassed this way. Write to your local astronomer’s group and let’s all mobilize to preserve the status of our beloved freezing, distant… brother Pluto. The editorial in the SF Chronicle last week didn’t accomplish it: we can.

P.S. If you think this is a joke to everyone, I suggest you check out the site of the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet. You’ll be surprised…

As much as I can’t honestly say I will loose sleep over the news, I admit it’s kinda of weird that the Solar System as we knew it as children will no longer have nine planets.

Discovery flying

I never imagined I’d be as excited, but I am. Truth is I have seen the launch of the Discovery from school (I will post a couple of pictures shortly) and it was VERY exciting. I totally relived my childhood memories, when I played with my friend Fernan, around the time of the first launch of the Columbia shuttle. I realized how much this meant to me when I saw the news this morning that everything (including the weather, which is very HOT) seemed to be a GO for launch at 10:39 today. And it was…

Hope the rest of the mission goes well.

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