An Amazon vs. Netflix world? I am fine with that…

This week, Jeff Bezos broke the news about Amazon taking on Netflix openly on the giant online retailer’s home page:

As a subscriber of Netflix and a long-time user of Amazon, I think this will good foe everyone. I hadn’t written about this since BEFORE streaming became common (at least before Netflix started the service that it now dominates by a lot!) But I had talked about Amazon being a player to keep your eye on in this space.

I am glad that Amazon is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the streaming video space. Not because I have anything against Netflix, but because I would rather see Amazon be Netflix’s nemesis than Apple, charging a premium to customers and giving smaller percentages to publishers on their store…

What is your take on this move by Amazon?

4 Reasons I Hate iWeb

Since 2008, we’ve been managing the Diabetes Hands Foundation web site and my wife’s Evolve Art Studio web site using iWeb. Today, after the second overhaul we’ve made to the site is done I find it to be a web creation platform that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Here’s why:

  1. It’s NOT web-based. So ironic that a product called iWeb doesn’t offer a way to manage your web site on the web. ALL you can do with it is dependent on the client that is installed in the account associated with your web site. This means if you happen to have two accounts set up on the computer where you run iWeb from (the case of my wife, who is in charge of our web site changes), better get ready for a lot of closing applications, logging out and logging back in just to make a simple change… PLUS, who’d imagine they wouldn’t make it available via a web interface!
  2. It doesn’t separate content from presentation. This is another way of saying, if you want to change the way your links appear on all pages, from blue to orange, you have to do it on EVERY page. There’s no central place where this change can be made (it’s called CSS!) so this makes for a very painful process redesigning sites build on iWeb.
  3. It doesn’t like Google Analytics too much. First, because there’s no single place where you can paste the Analytics Tracking Code, so you LITERALLY have to paste it on EVERY single page you want to track. Second, if you take a look at your Google Analytics traffic data, because of the way the pages are served, you have to really make an exercise in URL analysis to figure out what page’s data you’re looking at.
  4. Horrible URLs. I can’t say the pages built with iWeb are not Search Engine Friendly. They do OK, but the URLs rendered by iWeb could use some love. Example: when you type and get to our home page, the URL becomes… ta-ta!!

So next time you are tempted to get iWeb, avoid the temptation and look for another option. As for us, by mid-year we plan on migrating our site to WordPress, which reminds me:

Can anyone recommend a good WordPress developer that is willing to give a small nonprofit a good price for a migration project like this one? If so, please drop me a line at manny AT diabeteshf DOT org.