Firefox 3 Now IS Delicious!

I just found it! The updated extension for Firefox 3! How much I had been missing my! Granted that FF 3 now comes with a means of tagging your bookmarks… but com’on!

Update (five minutes into using the new extension): it rocks! You can add a bar to your browser that lets you access your bookmarks like bookmarks, like folders under which they are grouped based on their tags or by favorite tags. Too useful!

My First Flickr Video: Word In Your Hand

After listening to a talk by Gail Williams today @ N2Y3 (she is a true legend and an honor to be able to meet in person), I decided to give a shot to videos on Flickr. My first video was the one we did for the “Word In Your Hand” project last year.

The interface to upload was the same one used to upload photos and the speed to upload was actually visibly faster than YouTube’s. Here is the result.

Post Your Facebook Status to Twitter

Thanks to this blog post, I was able to figure out how to add my Facebook status automatically into Twitter? Why is this useful? Because I update my Facebook status conveniently from my cell phone without going to a browser, using Facebook mobile.

The only part that took a bit of figuring out (because I had changed my privacy settings) was where could I find my mini-feed:
(replace the number after ID for your profile ID number)

The RSS feed for that page should look like this:

You can either use that RSS feed directly in Twitterfeed to automatically push your Facebook updates into Twitter, or clone this Yahoo! Pipe (which I in turn I learned about here) using the RSS feed URL from above, so you don’t have to show on Twitter:
“Manny is in Boston” but rather the more elegant Twitter post “is in Boston. (from Facebook status)”.

Hope this helps!